Tournez Tripod Mount for iPad 2

Tournez Tripod Mount for iPad 2
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Product Description

Versatile iPad Carbon Fiber Tripod Mount

Ever used an iPad for photography, whether it’s home-use or professional? The iPad can actually be used as a light source for photography, especially for portrait, close-up and darkroom shots. Using the Tournez Tripod Mount in combination with many popular lighting Apps, you can instantly turn your iPad into the perfect light source whether it’s changing colors, shadows, brightness, etc…The Tournez Tripod Mount allows you to find the perfect lighting with its flexible arm for adjusting the height and spherical rotation-joints for unlimited angles. Many professional photographers also use the iPad as an immediate backup and quick edit device in the studios. With the Tournez Tripod Mount, you will be able to find the perfect viewing position to edit the photos immediately. Tournez Tripod Mount for iPad/iPad2 with 360° Angle Adjust is easy to install on tripods. If you have a tripod just laying around the house, why not turn it into an iPad Stand? Read recipes, play games, and share photos and videos comfortably in any room. The Snap-n-Roll™ design lets you snap the removable, protective hard shell case into the mount quickly and without hassle. Once mounted, you can move the carbon fiber arm to any angle for maximum comfort. The case even rotates 360° in the mount for adjustable portrait and landscape viewing, and it’s compatible with The Joy Factory’s Folio360 Case/Stand. Read recipes, play games, share photos or information and work comfortably anywhere in your home or office—Tournez is perfect for all the ways you use your iPad.

• Easily Mountable to tripods.

• Rotates 360 degrees for flexible landscape and portrait viewing

• Flexible carbon fiber arm adjusts to any angle or height for comfortable viewing and hassle-free operation.

• Lightweight and easy to fold and swivel of the way until you need it

• Detachable protective hard shell is compatible with Folio 360 II Case/Stand. Please visit for information about Folio 360 II iPad2 Stand/Case.

• Strong carbon-fiber construction and modern stylish design blends in with any décor.