SmartFit Mini - Ultra-Slim Snap-On Back Case for iPad Mini ( Smoke)

SmartFit Mini - Ultra-Slim Snap-On Back Case for iPad Mini ( Smoke)
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Product Description

SmartFit Mini - Ultra-Slim Snap-On Back Case for iPad Mini ( Smoke)

The Clear Choice for your iPad

For those who love the sleek styling of the iPad au naturel but want the protection only a hard-shell case can provide…your day has come. The SmartFit Mini from The Joy Factory is a clear, hard-shell case that snaps easily on the back of your iPad. Now you can keep your iPad beautiful and see the beauty you’re protecting all at the same time.

Featherweight Design, Heavyweight Protection

The SmartFit Mini has a low profile so there is no extra bulk to weigh you down. Its light but rugged polycarbonate structure is super-resilient; it will keep scratches and dings at bay so your iPad’s allure can shine through unscathed.

Two Color Options

The SmartFit Mini comes in two different color options: Clear and Smoke. The Clear SmartFit is the perfect choice for the purist who wants maximum visibility for his or her iPad. The Smoke SmartFit Mini on the other hand is enigmatic, allowing the iPad’s design to be visible yet slightly veiled in classy translucent gray.

Works with Apple’s Smart Cover

Apple’s beautiful line of iPad Mini Smart Covers do a great of job of protecting your iPad’s face, but what about the backside? Now you don’t have to choose between a Smart Cover and all-over protection. A SmartFit Mini from The Joy Factory allows you to protect the rear of your tablet while still using your Smart Cover on the front.

Products to Be Proud of

Here at the Joy Factory we believe that taking care of business means caring about more than just business. Because of our commitment to caring for our environment, all Joy Products are shipped with minimal packaging that is 100% recyclable. In our iPad mini cases we have replaced packing foam with a travel chess set made of recyclable/biodegradable materials.